rack safety

Rack Safety Inspections

Pallet racking is work equipment that requires regular documented inspections.

Racking Safety Inspections are required on a regular basis:

  • Following changes to your layout, materials handling equipment, or systems.
  • Annually or perhaps more or less often depending on your particular operation.

Key Benefits

  • Regular surveys help reduce maintenance costs, the risk of workplace accidents, and insurance premiums.
  • Investigations into the causes of identified damage results in improved operating methods and reduce operational costs, and reduced damage and maintenance costs.


Our SPACERACK Storage Centres at Gold Coast and Toowoomba have  joined with SPACERACK to provide a comprehensive inspection service targeted at increasing warehouse safety by regular racking inspections. This new service brings together the market leader in rack safety inspections with the market leader in rack technology, and builds on the experience and strengths of both parties.

Faulty warehouse racking has the potential to cause expensive damage to goods and property as well as safety dangers to personnel. Racking failures can result in both high costs and tragic consequences. And there is a range of legal requirements which oblige operators to maintain equipment in a safe and sound condition.

Only our SPACERACK Storage Centres have offered racking surveys and inspections for some years. The services are unbiased and designed to provide a comprehensive and accurate report on the condition of the racking detailing action and recommendations for repair, maintenance or replacement of the damaged rack components.

All rack safety inspections carried out under the partnership will be conducted in accordance with Australian Standards.